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Wi-Fi and Tech Support

Tech Support






Tech Support - Who should I contact?

If you are having technical difficulties, the first step is to let your teacher know. Teachers are able to address many technical support questions. If your teacher is unable to resolve the problem, he/she will connect you with a member of District 7’s technology support team for additional guidance.

If you are unable to reach your teacher, please contact your school’s Support Technician:
Carver Middle: Monica Gentry 864.586.7643
Cleveland Academy: Marilyn Mackey 864.641.2472
Drayton Mills: Joe Broadus 864.586.7976
E.P. Todd: Cindy Despard 864.641.2545
Early Learning Center: Lisa Holman 864.586.7427
Jesse Boyd: Jeanie Cox 864.586.7755
Mary H. Wright: Robin Dendy 864.586.7951
McCarthy Teszler: Keith Godfrey 864.641.2779
McCracken Middle: Jacob Jones 864.596.8422
Pine Street: Kristin Smith 864.586.7819
Spartanburg High: Adam Ridgeway 864.641.2635
Spartanburg High: Michele 

Whitlock: Marquan Jones 864.913.4019
Adult Education: Lisa Holman 864.586.7427

Tech Support Tips

1. MacBook is having problems: Restart

  • Save work and close your applications. Go to the Apple menu (top far left), choose "Restart," and uncheck the box next to “Reopen windows when logging back in.”

 2. App is stuck or not responding: Force Quit

  • On your keyboard, press and hold Command + Option + Esc. It will immediately bring up a “Force Quit Application” window. Select the frozen application from the dialogue box and select “Force Quit.” OR
  • Go to the Apple menu (top far left) and choose “Force Quit,” then select the application that is not responding and choose “Force Quit.”

3. MacBook won’t start: Hard Shut-Down

  • Hold the power button for 10-15 seconds and then release it and try turning it back on.
  • SMC reset:
    • Shut down the computer.
    • Plug in the power adapter if it is not already connected.
    • On the built-in keyboard, press the left side Shift-Control-Option keys and the power button at the same time.
    • Release all the keys and the power button at the same time. Your computer will now shut down.
    • Press the power button to turn on the computer. 

4. MacBook won’t charge:

  • Unplug the charger from the MacBook and flip it upside down, then reconnect it.
  • Make sure the charger port is clean where the power connects to the MacBook.
  • Check the connection to the wall.
  • Try a SMC reset as outlined above.
  • If it still won’t charge, leave it plugged in while using it and report it to the school when you turn in the device for the summer.

5. Completing work on your personal device:

  • Although District 7 does not support personal devices, they may be used.
  • When using your own device to access school resources like Schoology, Dreambox, iReady, Teams, etc., try downloading and installing Apps from the App store or Google Play store.

6. I can't access my assignment:

  • When a student has a question on eLearning days, they should contact their teacher.
  • If the question is a tech support question that cannot be answered by the teacher, the teacher will direct your request to a School Technician for help.
  • Many problems may be solved by a simple reboot or turning Wi-Fi to the devices off and then back on. Remember that if the power is out, there is probably no Wi-Fi even though the MacBooks run off of batter power.
  • The phone number for tech support is (864) 594-4489. On e-learning days, an auto attendant will answer the phone and route callers to the tech support person for their school.

7. How do I join a Microsoft Teams Meeting?

  • For a brief video tutorial on how to join a Microsoft Teams meeting, please click here.
  • To download step-by-step directions, click here.

8. How do I sign-in to ClassLink, Apex, Schoology and Office 365?

  • For a brief tutorial on how to sign-in to ClassLink, Apex, Schoology and Office 365, please click here.

9. I'm having trouble signing-in on a shared computer

  • Sometimes when sharing a computer, multiple people sign-in to their online accounts and don’t sign out. It is important, especially for parents, to sign-out of any personal and work accounts before your child participates in virtual classroom activities. 

    This will help avoid conflicts between parents’ accounts and any of your child’s school accounts. Signing out of Office 365 is especially important to ensure students can sign into Schoology or Teams meetings.

10. I'm having trouble loading Flash in Apex

  • The Apex website uses Flash to load some content.  If you are having any issues with content loading, please follow the steps in this quick tutorial.







Wi-Fi Access 

Free Wi-Fi access is available in the following school parking lots:

Spartanburg High School (best accessibility) – Athletic parking lot (by stadium, arena and practice field), visitor parking lot in front of school, some connectivity in student and teacher parking lots
Carver Middle – front loop near the office and the teacher/visitor parking lot have some connectivity
Drayton Mills Elementary – front visitor parking lot on the right facing the school; student drop-off lane in front of playground, and cafeteria-side bus loop 
E.P. Todd School – parking area next to the portable and in the teacher parking lot
David Houston Center – old bus loop
Jesse Boyd Elementary – inside the gate near cafeteria 
McCracken Middle – staff parking lot

Families are welcome to park in any of the areas listed above to download eLearning assignments, to use the internet in order to complete work, or to upload assignments. This free Wi-Fi network is Spart7 guest and no password is needed. 

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Offered by Local Businesses

free wifi hotspots