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Negro League Baseball Documentary to Headline Black History Month

boys of summer   

 SHS's Special Black History Month Learning Opportunity: “The Other Boys of Summer” Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion 

As we observe Black History Month across District 7 and help all students gain deeper understanding and appreciation for the contributions African Americans made in shaping this country, Spartanburg High School is celebrating in a special way with an enriching series of experiences. To honor the centennial of the historic Negro Baseball League, SHS will hold a showing of the documentary The Other Boys of Summer, by Emmy nominated filmmaker Lauren Meyer, for its 2,000 students on February 19.  Narrated by Cicely Tyson, the film explores the contributions of the men and women of this league and will give us a deeper understanding of Civil Rights in America through the lives of these individuals.  It is a story that goes far beyond baseball, truly capturing the importance of diversity and inclusion in a powerful way.  Along with the screening, students will have the opportunity to engage in a panel discussion with the film’s director and with former baseball players featured in the film. 

In partnership with the Spartanburg community, the District has also arranged to host an exhibit of the Negro Baseball League’s history. This exhibit will be open to the public and will feature memorabilia, important artifacts, videos, and other relics from the Negro League and this time period.


Spartanburg sluggers

Spartanburg High School is excited to bring awareness to the league, particularly given that the city once had their own Negro Baseball team, the Spartanburg Sluggers.  The Spartanburg Sluggers played their games at historic Duncan Park (now home to the Spartanburg Vikings). Through a service project, students at Spartanburg High will play a role in preserving a rich piece of history that is lost. SHS will create a marker at Duncan Park that pays homage to the Spartanburg Sluggers and the Negro Baseball League. We hope this student involvement will strengthen ties within our school community and between our school and the Spartanburg community. 

Spartanburg High School is excited to partner with The Other Boys of Summer, Spartanburg Regional History Museum, Friends of Duncan Park, Luther Norman, and others to bring these meaningful opportunities to our community.

Additionally, our schools have planned a number of exciting opportunities for this month-long celebration which will be highlighted on our website and on social media. February will prove to be a momentous time as we celebrate our collective journey.  


McCracken Middle School Celebrates the Harlem Renaissance 

From poetry competitions to food trucks to guest artists to a history bowl competition, McCracken Middle School is "Celebrating the Harlem Renaissance" during Black History Month. Check out the amazing website they built to share the opportunities: 

The school will hold their assembly on Thursday, February 22, 2020, 8:30 am, which will include Dr. Carmen Harris, Ms. Stephanie Dawkins and the Spartanburg HS Step Team, Ms. Kizzy Rice and the Boys and Girls Club of the Cleveland Academy of Leadership, and Mr. Eric Tyus.  You can watch the presentation live by, clicking here.