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Author Cynthia Reid Wills Comes Home to Carver

Author and movie producer Cynthia Reid Wills spoke to 100 girls at Carver Friday about her struggle as one of the first black student to integrate Spartanburg County Schools. Wills is a former Carver student who wrote the book “Content of Character” based on her childhood diary during the time of integration. Her book is now a movie, which will be released locally June 30.

Wills says that growing up she always wanted to be a Carver High cheerleader, but when her mother volunteered her to intregrate the “white high school”, she had to postpone that dream. She was bullied and beat up, but her struggle paved the way today for all South Carolina students to attend school together, regardless of color.

Because of her story about cheerleading, our Carver Cheer Squad created a special cheer for her and presented her with a Carver megaphone, as well as other gifts. All the young women and guests enjoyed her very dynamic speaking and were full of questions afterwards.