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Donor Opportunities for New SHS Announced

In response to community interest, the Spartanburg School District 7 Foundation is offering opportunities in the new Spartanburg High School for individuals, companies and other groups to leave their names in perpetuity. Participants may add their names or the names of someone they wish to honor to a lab or classroom, a wing, an outside area, or a variety of other spaces. This is also an opportunity for alumni groups, athletic teams, community organizations, and other partners to leave a legacy. Gifts will go to the District 7 Foundation, administered by the Spartanburg County Foundation, and will provide scholarships for SHS students. Your participation creates two legacies – one for the person being honored and one for the students who will benefit.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit this form and/or contact the Office of Superintendent at 864.594.4405 or

Click below to learn more about the various opportunities available and to view the booklet in full screen: