• District 7 has been honored as an Apple Distinguished Program for our 1:1 digital initiative, Seven Ignites. D7 is one of only 300 educational institutions recognized nationally to receive this prestigious award for innovation, leadership and educational excellence.

    Since the implementation of Seven Ignites in the fall of 2013 every school in the district emphasizes hands-on learning and real-world experience, supported by complete iPad and MacBook integration in the classroom. Teachers and staff have worked hard to help students connect mind, hand and heart, and Seven Ignites helped make that a reality. Today, representatives from Apple (all the way from Cupertino, California) applauded the District for harnessing the power of technology to provide exemplary learning environments and improve student outcomes.

    The Apple Distinguished Program designation marks the District’s second significant national award for advances in technology. In 2014 District 7 joined the League of Innovative Schools – one of fewer than 100 districts in the nation honored by the White House for employing technology to further engage students in learning and strengthen student outcomes.

    When asked about the earning the Apple Distinguished Program honor, Dr. Booker said, “This is a big deal for us. To be just a few years into this initiative and be recognized by the experts at Apple for innovation and excellence is quite a compliment. It also speaks volumes about the willingness of our Board, our teachers, our students and our community to embrace this effort. As we use technology to further expose our students to the kind of world-class knowledge and world-class skills that are key to their success, this is just the beginning of what will be an exciting journey.”

    During the announcement Christine Horowitz, Director of Instructional Technology, and Karen Yarborough, Director of Technology, were both honored for their special contributions to the success of Seven Ignites and in appreciation for their leadership in the district achieving the Apple Distinguished Program designation.

    On behalf of the entire D7 team, we applaud our parents and our community for embracing innovation so our children have the opportunity to integrate their passions into learning.