School Facilities

  • Located at 500 Dupre Drive, Spartanburg High School was occupied in 1959. The building is constructed of brick and block with a metal deck roof system. The school sits on a 50 acre site; purchased from the W.E. Burnett Estate, in July, 1953. Work began at that time on designing a “new, modern High School”. Six years later, Spartanburg High School moved into its present facility from the now Evans Resource Center.

    Square footage is now 432,856 sq. ft. Major renovations were completed in 1972, 1975, 1976, 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2005. Rest room renovations are in process, with M Wing being started and completed in the summer of 2008 and B and C Wing first floor in the summer of 2009. These renovations are slated to be completed summer 2010, with the updating of restrooms in A, B, and C Wings. Updates and retrofits are an occurrence that happens daily to keep this facility in the best shape it can be for students, faculty, and visitors alike.

    Inside the school, visitors are greeted by the focal point of the building, an atrium with natural lighting, live plants, and a fountain flowing in the corner. Technology abounds throughout the facility with school information and breaking news showing continuously on flat panel screens in this area. In the classrooms, Promethean/Interwrite boards and projectors aid a major portion of teachers in distributing knowledge to inquisitive minds, with more being added each semester; moving closer to the time that every room will be equipped with this technology. Some classrooms have received ceiling mounted projectors that put the teacher’s computer and school broadcasts on the white boards, making the television a thing of the past in these rooms.

    Security has been enhanced at the facility with the upgrading and addition of cameras throughout the facility. Cameras can be monitored by District personnel from anywhere in the district in the continuing move of the District to make the site a safe facility conducive to the learning process that takes place constantly at this facility.

    Updates of the athletic areas and grounds surrounding the building are under way and scheduled to be completed in February 2010. These include the addition of 3 football/soccer/lacrosse fields/band fields. Tennis courts have been relocated on site and are said to be some of the finest in the Upstate. The existing football field was dug up, regraded, and replaced with Mondo artificial turf. A Mondo track, 8 lanes wide, with integral long jump, pole vault, triple jump, discus, and shot put areas, were also installed around the main field. Storage and press boxes were added for each field.

    An open vista style was used to make it accessible to the public during the time that it was used for school functions. The hope of the District is that it will be and remain a place of “VIKING PRIDE” for the community and district.