• Garden Club
    The garden club learns about various planting seasons, the effects of weather and climate changes on plant life cycles and the four components plants need to survive. The garden club enjoys planting , harvesting and tasting the various vegetables that are grown in the garden. In addition to the vegetable garden, the students also do beautification projects on the school grounds. Approximately 25 kindergarten students are part of the garden club.

    Mac-Tech Leaders Club
    The Mac-Tech Leaders Club serves those 4th and 5th grade students that have an interest in their MacBook technology outside of their day-to-day assignments. The students gain additional instruction on how to use the MacBook applications in innovative ways including creating instructional videos, leadership posters for our school , and enhanced presentations. These students will also be trained to become technology leaders in their classrooms and assist others with using their MacBooks more effectively. Students in grades 4 and 5 can participate in the Mac-Tech Leaders Club. Fifteen students are currently in the Mac-Tech Club.

    Service Learning Club
    The Service Learning Club plays a vital role as we nurture and seek to learn more about being highly effective leaders. We strive to show others that we care and are becoming more aware of the needs of others. Here at The Cleveland Academy of Leadership, we care about all people. Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 can signed up to be a member of the club. There are 5 current members of this club. These students help with projects here at our school and are also involved in helping others throughout the community. They have participated in school projects, visited Mobile Meals in Spartanburg, written letters to veterans, participated in the “Writefully His Christmas Campaign”, and have plans to visit and volunteer at other organizations. This group of leaders understands that giving from the heart and helping others is rewarding to all!

    Smile and Say Cheese!
    Students in Grades 3-5 are invited to be a member of the photography club. A maximum of ten members are allowed. Students meet to critique pictures made by club members from previous sessions and establish photography goals (clear, lighting, composition, appropriate subjects, etc.) for the day. These photographers are asked to take pictures during special school events such as Jesse Jackson’s visit, Walk to School, etc. 

    3rd-5th graders who like to listen to books being read to them may try out our early morning Listening Club. From 7:00-7:30 AM, students may listen to an audiobook while following along with companion book. There are many different selections and more to come. Up to 25 students may attend. After reading the book, students may take Accelerated Reader quizzes, earning points for Carolina Panther awards or toward classroom credit. Come check this out! Warning–you must be in attendance no later than 7:15 AM! 

    Sculpture Club
    Sculpture Club is provided for students who see themselves as leaders in the Visual Arts. This club offers 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students opportunities to learn techniques for creating three-dimensional art and an in-depth look at the three-dimensional world around them. 

    The Drum Line Club
    Students in grades 3-5 create complex rhythm patterns and compose our own cadences. We use 5 gallon paint buckets as drums along with real drumsticks. Most recently, we composed a song entitled “We Rock Seven Habits”. This composition serves as our Cleveland Academy of Leadership theme song. We created rhythms that are used to accompany this song. Presently, we have 28 students, boys and girls.

    Cleveland Travel Club
    The Cleveland Travel Club is for students who are curious about other cultures and countries. Students research a country they would like to travel to and prepare a synopsis of their research into a power point presentation. Food from other cultures are introduced to the students and we invite special guests who speak to students about specific areas of the world.

    Math Sports Fitness
    The goal of this club is to encourage and motivate students to understand and apply mathematical terms through kickball. Students play a math kickball game that incorporates the multiplication facts. Activity: 1. Two teams are formed. 2. Bases are set up similar to a baseball diamond. 3. The pitcher throws the ball to the kicker. 4. The outfielders try to get the ball back to the pitcher. 5. Once the pitcher has the ball, the runner stops and must answer a multiplication fact. 6. If the runner gets the fact correct, he/she is safe on the closest base; if not, he is out. This team is enjoyed by many of our students, and their math skills are “multiplying”.

    Double Dutch Club
    The Double Dutch Club is for students in grades three through five. The students have been working to improve their double dutch skills. When we first began practicing this was their first experience with double dutch for most students, but now they have made great strides in becoming great double dutch athletes.

    Princess Club
    This program is for 5th grade females with the purpose of building their self-esteem, learning their community and community leaders, encouraging them to maximize their education, value their youth and integrity and cultivate etiquette and manners. Our goal is to incorporate activities, programs and projects that enhance social development among our 5th grade girls. These programs and projects will stress leadership skills as they model the 7 Habits, health and wellness, arts and culture and community enrichment.

    The “From Aardvarks to Zebras” Club (FATZ Club)
    Our FATZ club serves approximately 48-50 kindergarten students at The Cleveland Academy of Leadership. The purpose of the FATZ club is to learn facts about many different animals, the habitat/environment in which animals live, the food the animals eat, how some animals interact with humans, and various services that some animals provide for our communities. The FATZ club enjoys learning about animals from aardvarks to zebras. As our added service project, kindergarten students enjoy helping our community by providing our local Humane Society with blankets, food, and donations for the animals waiting to be adopted from the shelter.


    The KINGS CLUB meets twice a month on Wednesdays during lunch time. The KINGS Club is for fifth grade boys, and the mission is to instruct young men concerning leadership, social skills, etiquette, and goal setting. There will be scheduled field trips, and guest speakers that will expose the boys to different careers. The boys in the group also will earn points to progress within the group as teachers will provide point sheets to the facilitators.

    Health Club
    The Health Club serves students in grades 1-5. The club promotes activities that centers around a healthy lifestyle. The students participate in exercise, preparing healthy snacks and discussions about making healthy decisions about their lives.

    Let’s Move It” Club
    Students in first grade rotate through five stations of activity as they build up stamina, cardio exercises, agility, movement, and good health habits. We are “synergizing” as we incorporate good healthy habits.