• Pet Club
    Kindergartners have the opportunity to participate in Pet Club which involves visits from the Spartanburg Science Center, the Spartanburg Humane Society, as well as many rescue and therapy animals. It is a fun hands-on experience with all of the content that they learn about animals in science!

    Queens Club
    This program is for 5th grade females with the purpose of building their self-esteem, learning their community and community leaders, encouraging them to maximize their education, value their youth and integrity and cultivate etiquette and manners. Our goal is to incorporate activities, programs and projects that enhance social development among our 5th grade girls. These programs and projects will stress leadership skills as they model the 7 Habits, health and wellness, arts and culture and community enrichment.

    Kings Club
    The KINGS CLUB meets twice a month on Wednesdays during lunch time. The KINGS Club is for fifth grade boys, and the mission is to instruct young men concerning leadership, social skills, etiquette, and goal setting. There will be scheduled field trips, and guest speakers that will expose the boys to different careers. The boys in the group will also earn points to progress within the group as teachers will provide point sheets for the facilitators.