Boosterthon Color Run Picture
  • Pine Street School is hosting our largest fundraiser for the year!!!

    PSS plans to use a large portion of the earnings to purchase reading materials for our students that go above and beyond what our district funds in order to "BOOST" our reading foundation for all PSS students!

    Beginning on October 8th, family and friends will support our school by giving pledges towards the number of laps your student will run on the day of the Fun Run. We’ve asked the fundraising experts at Booster to power our program, making our fundraising simpler, more profitable, and more fun for our students!! They provide world-class character trait programs through team huddles for every class, EVERY day! It’s an opportunity that we feel fortunate to provide to our students.

    Click this link below to learn more about our upcoming program!

    In the past, our school has raised money to pay for many big items such as gym stage lighting and a new sound system, playground sunshades, and welcome signage for our Front Office, just to name a few. This is PTO’s largest fundraiser for the year and covers these big enhancements AND constant enrichment through the school year such as: student scholarships, supportive funding for gradelevel and department needs, classroom snacks, and SO much more.

    Pledging Opens - 10/8  - - Log on to FUNRUN.COM

    Pep Rally - 10/8

    Event Day - 10/17

    SAVE THE DATES! You’re Invited!

  • PSS LOVED the MindSpark Mystery Lab and its S.T.E.A.M. focus so much that we are excited to participate in the first ever character theme SEQUEL.

    • All six MindSpark kids will be back in action, solving an even bigger mystery with the help of their S.T.E.A.M. skills and strong character. This time they’ll have to travel BACK IN TIME to the Wild West and save Dr. Shock from the outlaw Bully Malone and his No-Good Gang.
    • In this thrilling Western-S.T.E.A.M. theme, your students and the MindSpark kids must win six “Character Duels” to rescue Dr. Shock.
    • Do they have what it takes? Find out in...MindSpark Wild West!

    In the process of helping the MindSpark kids win their Character Duels against Bully Malone and his No-Good Gang, your students will learn about Honesty, Gratitude, Generosity, Kindness, and Humility.