Clubs & Organizations


    The Academic Team participates in a variety of buzzer competitions, including the Piedmont Quiz Bowl. The team meets every Monday afternoon. Team members must try out and are selected by the Sponsor. Advisor: Katie Baymiller


    The Anchor Club strives to render service to both school and community. This service organization, co-sponsored by Pilot Club International, selects members on the basis of character, no suspensions, leadership, and scholarship. Grade requirements: 2.75 GPR each semester. Officers meet on first Tuesday and members meet every first Thursday. Advisors: Janet Walker and Dr. Vijju Sinha.


    The Black History Club has maintained a rich history of helping students appreciate the part African Americans have played in the cultural heritage of the United States. The club also participates in a variety of activities, such as the step team, to foster self-awareness, confidence, and leadership in club members. The Black History Club also promotes community involvement and embrace the adage of “Lifting as we climb.” The club is open to all students. Advisor: Miss Carmilla Williams


    Established with the assistance of Star Lanes, students may be involved in twelve-week bowling leagues and the Young American Bowling Alliance. The awarding of trophies and a pizza party ended each season. Through their participation, the students were automatically eligible to compete for scholarships. Advisor: Chris White.


    The Spartanburg High School Freshman Academy Chess Club is designed to provide and promote chess within the school and to provide a learning environment where the game can be played, taught, studied, and enjoyed. Meetings are in Room 322-D on Mondays of each week after school until 4:15. We compete in approximately 1-2 tournaments a year. Feel free to join us whether you are a seasoned player or just wanting to learn. Advisor: Justin Hoyle


    CyberPatriot is part of the National Youth Cyber Education Program created by the Air Force Association to inspire K-12 students towards careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. We will have 2 teams at SHS who will compete with other schools in the National Youth Cyber Defense competition. Top teams can earn paid trips to the National finals event where they can also earn national recognition and scholarship money.  SHS Cyber-Coach: Dennis Roberts


    The Spartanburg High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a huddle of the national interdenominational organization whose purpose is: “To present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.” Sponsor: Kim Jordan.


    First Circle is open to students and faculty who are interested in a writing experience beyond the classroom. The central goal of First Circle will be to develop, construct, and publish the literary magazine. Faculty Sponsor: Jessica Stevens


    The purpose of the French Club is to encourage interest in and the continued study of the French people, their language and their culture. Membership is open to any student currently taking French or any student with at least one year of French. Advisors: Kathy Dillard


    FBLA broadens club member awareness of opportunities in the business community. Membership is open to any student currently enrolled in at least one business course and to previous members. Advisor: TBD



    The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) gives students a safe, open, and accepting environment in which to be themselves, meets and discusses many issues plaguing the LGBT community, such as same-sex marriage, bullying, and other topics members may bring up to be discussed, and helps spread an atmosphere of trust and acceptance around Spartanburg High School so that students will feel happier in their learning environment. We meet monthly. All SHS students are welcome to attend. Advisor: Susan McAbee-Plonski


    German Club members meet monthly and usually enjoy food from the German speaking countries. We go to local German/Swiss/Austrian restaurants as well as get together for German desserts and Christmas cake. The German Club is open to any German student who maintains at least a “C” average. Advisor: Nina Jackson


    The German National Honor Society is an honorary organization for students of German. To be a member, a student must have a 3.6 or better average in German after three semesters of study as well as a GPR of 3.0 or better in all other subjects. New members are inducted into the society in February. Membership entitles students meeting certain criteria to compete for all-expense-paid trips to Germany sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German. Advisor: Nina Jackson.


    The purpose of Girlz United is to inspire young women to be successful, equip young women for any career choice, give young women job shadowing experience with local successful women, provide motivational speakers, expose young women to scholarship opportunities, and provide guidance in career choices. Advisors: Dr. Sonia Leverette, Mrs. Syreeta Greene, Dr. Kira Reaves, Ms. Sarah Watson, Ms. Karen Meadows-Rogers, and Ms. Cheryl Means.


    The primary purpose of this club is to increase students’ knowledge and awareness of humanitarian crisis spanning the globe and to raise money for charitable organizations through student-led fund drives, incorporating education, activism, and community involvement. Advisor: Henry McAninch.



    The purpose of this club is to explore different languages and their cultures. In the International Club, we have an organizational meeting, Oktoberfest/German, Saturnalia/Latin, Chinese New year/China, Mardi Gras/French, and Cinco de Mayo/Spanish. Each function has food from that language/country, music, and games. Advisors: Jessica Rodriguez, Nina Jackson, Joy Powers, Katie Baymiller, Holly Hao


    The JAG Career Association is only open to students enrolled in JAG program. The members of the JAG Career Association have a range of opportunities available to them including: personal & leadership development, academic assistance, college & career exploration & planning, guest speakers, field trips, mentoring & guidance, and much more! Field trip opportunities include college fairs, college tours, leadership conferences, career development conferences, and community service. Career Association members are required to complete at least 10 hours of community service. Community service opportunities include working at the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen, providing assistance to the Miracle Hill Rescue Mission, collecting cans for a food drive, visiting with Residents at the Brookdale Skylyn Residential Care Facility, and adopting an Angel Tree Christmas Child.


    • Drill Team – Open to all SHS JROTC cadets interested in representing the battalion at Drill Competitions throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. The drill team focuses on basic regulation armed and unarmed drill and marching skills at the individual, squad and platoon level. Tryouts are conducted during August and January and practices are conducted twice each week from August through April. Coach: Master Sergeant William Foster.

    • Rifle Marksmanship Team -Open to all SHS JROTC cadets interested in representing the battalion at Air Rifle Marksmanship Matches throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. The rifle team focuses on gun safety and improving individual marksmanship skills. Tryouts are conducted during August and January and practices are three times each week from August through April. Coach: Major Charles Davis.

    • Color Guard Team – Open to all SHS JROTC cadets interested in representing the battalion at Color Guard Drill Competitions throughout the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia. In addition to representing the battalion at meets, the team presents the colors during school and community events throughout the year. Tryouts are conducted during August and January and practices conducted once each week from August through April. Coach: Master Sergeant William Foster.

    • Raider Team – Open to all SHS JROTC cadets interested in representing the battalion at Raider Team Competitions throughout the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia. The raider team focuses on individual physical fitness, first aid, knot tying, land navigation and high adventure training activities. Tryouts are conducted during August and January and practices are three times each week from August through April. Coach: Master Sergeant William Foster.

    • Archery Team – Open to all SHS JROTC cadets interested in representing the battalion at Archery Matches throughout the Carolinas. The archery team focuses on archery safety and improving individual archery skills. Tryouts are conducted during August and January and practices are three times each week from August through April. Coach: Major Charles Davis.


    The Junior Civitans Club is a service club, co-sponsored by the Civitan Club. Membership is limited. Members are selected on the basis of character, no suspensions, leadership, and scholarship. The purpose of the club is to promote good citizenship in the school and the community. Grade requirement: 2.75 GPR each semester. Advisor: TBD.


    Advisor: TBD


    Mu Alpha Theta, the Math Club, was organized in the spring of 1987. This is an honorary mathematics society with membership open to students who have completed two years of college preparatory mathematics and are currently enrolled in a college preparatory mathematics course. Students must have an overall 4.00 average plus a 4.00 average in all math courses. Advisors: Craig Shiver, Samina Alimohamed, and Dennis Donnahoo.


    A mentoring organization for young men who want to grow in discipline, academic performance, respect, time management, and self-dignity. Advisor: Anton Gist


    NAHS is composed of people who are interested in various phases of the visual arts. Members work in the art rooms on extra projects after school. Grade requirement: 3.500 GPR in art courses. Meetings: Third Thursday of every month. Advisor: Beth Walsh


    The purpose of the Beta Club is to reward achievement and community service as well as encourage students to continue their education after high school. Members must maintain a cumulative 3.75 grade point ration and show outstanding citizenship.  9th grade students will also need 2.0 units of high school credit to qualify. Advisors:  Tally Pruett (Grades 9 and 12), Christi Dunlap (Grade 10) and Kristin Owens (Grade 11). 


    The purpose of the National Business Honor Society is to promote and recognize academic achievement, leadership skills, and character as well as to help members grow ethically and socially by encouraging an interest in business. Members will also be responsible for involvement in service activities. Students must have an overall 3.0 grade point average along with a minimum of three business courses with a 3.5 grade point average in their business courses. Advisors: Jenifer Richards & Dennis Roberts.


    Membership in NHS is both an honor and a responsibility. Seniors and Juniors, who are selected for membership are expected to continue to demonstrate the qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Each student who has been at SHS for at least one semester and has achieved an overall 4.25 GPR will be sent a formal invitation in the first quarter of the new school year with information to join. Advisor: Ronda Palmer


    The purpose of this club is to provide both the novice and the experienced photographer a chance to gain knowledge of camera techniques and meet others who share a love of photography. Meetings consist of photo shoots at selected locations, visits to photography studios and galleries, and guest speakers. Sponsor: Lisa McCulley.


    The purpose of the Spanish Honor Society is to develop an appreciation for Spanish culture and heritage beyond the classroom experience. Requirements for membership are three semesters of Spanish with an “A” average and an overall “B+” average in all other subjects. Advisor: TBD.


    The SHS Stand-Up Club is open to any SHS student in good standing. This will be challenging: Writing comedy is hard work. Performing live comedy is hard work. Developing quality material and polishing your performance skills will take time, effort, thought, and talent. You will be expected to take the craft seriously, work hard, fail, bomb, and get back up there to try again. Advisor: Tony Thompson


    The VEX Robotics Club builds, programs and competes in VEX Robotics competitions throughout the state of South Carolina.  Advisor: Sherri Dawkins


    Yoga Club is open to all interested students. We typically meet once a month after school on Thursdays and also on several Saturdays throughout the year to participate in studio classes given by a certified instructor. Students should bring yoga mats and wear loose clothing at these classes. Advisor: Erin Hubbell


    Youth in Government is a YMCA-sponsored program that provides opportunity and growth essential for middle and high school students through civic engagement and leadership training. It is an organization that gives students the opportunity to model state, national, and global government while investigating current issues, debating ideas, and developing their own foundation of how they see the world. Yet, aside from modeling state legislatures, appeals courts, and a criminal trial, Youth in Government also introduces and instills the values of tolerance, education, service and character. Sponsor: Lesley Sloan.