• Directions for E-Learning Days                          

    Mr. Blassingame – ELA


    Student Google Account Sign-On


    Students must follow these steps in order to access their accounts.

    • Log on to “google.com.”
    • Click "Sign in" (blue button in top right corner)
    • User name - last name, first name, 123@spart7.info    (i.e. doejohn123@spart7.info)
    • Password - spartanburg7
    • Click the waffle in the top right corner to get to
      • “Google Drive”
      • “Google Classroom”
    • Class Codes
      • 1st period – r2s8d8j
      • 2nd period – r2s8d8j
      • 3rd period – r2s8d8j
      • 4th period – r2s8d8j


    • Complete the assignment for the designated day(s). Using your own paper, answer all questions. Turn your assignment in to me when you return to school.

    I will be available by e-mail from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on inclement weather days to assist with any questions.  Please contact me at:  HTBlassingame@spart7.org.