• English II

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    eLearning Days Instructions


    Google Classroom   -

    Log into your Google Classroom Portal:  Class Code: 3rd Block:   ioaryqs    and 4th Block:   jpaez57--- not necessary unless you are new!  Also, any student that started for me this week, I "Invited" you so all you have to do is accept the invitation.



    Password: Spartanburg7 --- you will  need to reset

    eLearning Instructions

    I will post a new assignment each day that we are out of school.  Some assignments will have links to other sites to read an article, story, or poem.  Some assignments will instruct you to log into your Commonlit.org or other sites and complete the assignments for that day.  Follow the instructions for that day in order to receive full credit for the assignment. Everyone should know their user names and passwords for Google Classroom.  Email me if you have any questions.  Be safe and Make Good Choices!