• 2020-2021

    Welcome back to school!!! I am so pleased to "see" that all of my scholars are healthy and well. The virtual experience is new for us all, yet much needed given our current climate! I am Ms. Jackson, your virtual instructor. Should you ever have questions or concerns while participating in this virtual experience, please contact me at LJackson@spart7.org. Also, as we learn and grow this semester, feel free to post questions on our stream. We will start our day promptly at 9:00 AM ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BE LOGGED INTO THE GOOGLE CLASSROOM BY 9:00 AM for the morning meeting.Our morning meeting will serve as a type of "Homeroom" where we will greet one another, review announcements for the day and actively participate in a fun warm up!

    In order for you to join the  to join  google classroom, you will need to log into their Google accounts. You can not use a personal google email/account to join. You must use your spart7.info account. Here are the details for students.
    Email/user - lastnamefirstname123@spart7.info
    Password - 
    whitlock20 (they will be prompted to change when they log in)

     After our Morning Meeting, you will have the opportunity to examine and review and complete, at a minimum, three lessons on Apex. I will be monitoring your progress virtually. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns as you work. Work at a steady pace and take small breaks as needed and a lunch. You will be expected to be online, actively working for a minimum of 4 hours per day. I will normally be available for one on one conferencing between 2:00 PM and 3:15 PM. Our Google Classroom Class Code is pfb7yrc. Yet, remember, you may e-mail me or post a question in the Google Classroom at any time. I will respond to those questions and or requests to reset a quiz, promptly. Hold on tight! With strong communication, participation, patience and understanding, we can make it together! I am positive that we will go forward together!