• E-Learning Work: March through April 2020

    Good Afternoon:

    During this unprecedented time, Whitlock Flexible Learning Center has transitioned to an E-Learning Digital Platform to assist students in receiving a high-quality education. While we are not in the school building, learning will continue and I still will strive to help all of my students become productive citizens of the United States of America.Below you will find a brief description of the assignments in your child's respective class.

    World Geography:

    • Watch CNN Student News each day and write three facts in the comment section of the question I post every morning. 
    • Complete the Midterm Exam Study Guide (by Wednesday, March 18th).
    • Complete the Midterm Exam (by Friday, March 20th).
    • Complete the Unit V Project: Football Franchise Project by Friday, April 10th).

    United States Government: 

    • Watch CNN Student News each day and write three facts in the comment section of the question I post every morning.
    • Complete the United States Government Final Exam Study Guide.

    All assignments except for the World Geography Midterm Exam can be found in the link below. All assignments are to be accessed in Google Classroom. You may log-in to Google Classroom with the following class codes:

    • 1st Period: bnneuyo
    • 2nd Period: 7wsq7ug
    • 4th Period: zt34jis

     *All the due dates listed above are there to help your child keep a steady pace in doing his or her work. If your child needs extra days to work on a particular assignment beyond its due date, that is absolutely acceptable to me. My goal is to ensure that all materials are completed by the time we return to school: Monday, April 6th. If we are out of school for a longer period of time, I will add more assignments here and into Google Classroom.

    If you have any questions or have trouble accessing Google Classroom, please contact me via email at NEGicking@spart7.org from 10:00 to 1:00 each day and I will respond to you as soon as possible.


    Thank you and please stay safe.


    Warmest Regards,


    Nicholas Gicking


    World Geography Midterm Exam Study Guide

    World Geography Midterm Exam: Found on Google Classroom

    Unit V: Football Franchise Project

    United States Government Final Exam Study Guide

    CNN Student News: www.cnn.com/cnn10