• Directions for E-learning

    Ms. Rankin 

    Student google account sign on


    Student must follow these steps in order to access their accounts.

            log on to google.com

            click sign in (blue button in top right corner)

            user name--  last name, first name, 123@spart7.info  (i.e.doejohn123@spart7.info)

            password- spartanburg 7 (or you may have changed this to your own password). If you have not changed your password then Mrs. Lewis and I changed it for you.  Your password will be          your last name then first name 12.  (doejohn12)

            then click waffle in the top right corner to get to

            google drive

            google classroom


    The code for math is.   b2qar2s.  The code for science is.   rtu7pe4

    Complete the assignment for the designate days.  If you picked up a packet from school for the weeks of March 16-20 and March 23-26 that work is due April 8, 2020.  There will be boxes located at the door where you will turn in your work and pick up a new packet.  This packet will contain the next two weeks April 7-10 and April 14-17.

    If you are doing your work on line, then that work is due on April 8, 2020 also.  


    I will be available by e-mail from 10:00 am to 1:00pm on inclement weather day to assist with any questions.  Please contact me or Mrs. Lewis at:





    Jana Rankin