• Monday, March 16th,

    All my students have been invited to join my google classroom. Most students have already joined and have been using Google Classroom. My class code is 7p7uhpo.

     You will need to check in daily to answer a brief questionaire and do the assigned task. This will assure me that you are attempting your e-learning.Your assignments in Google Classroom are from Scholastic magazine. Feel free to explore some of the other aspects of the assignment. You my keep hard copies of your work if you choose. English, Math and Science are all addressed in these lessons.

    Those of you who have Mrs. Palmer know that Khan Academy is a website where you can get assistance for your Algebra. I would suggest that Mr. Brown's Algebra classes also use this as a resource. Most of your English classes will have links for you to access such as Common Lit and USA Test Prep.

    I will be available from 10-1 each day to answer questions and try to assist you if needed. You can contact me through my e-mail (relittlefield@spart7.org) or on the Google Classroom. 

    Please be safe and practice good hygiene! I look forward to seeing you in April.

    Becky Littlefield