• On Remote Days

    Attendance is mandatory! You must log into the Virtual Meeting within 10 minutes of the start time.

    Accessing Google Classroom

    • Username = LastnameFirstname123@spart 7.info (Example: SmithDavid123@spart7.info)
    • Password = whitlock22

    Email Mr. Waker (mawalker@spart7.org) if you need to reset your password or having difficulty logging in

    Class Codes

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    • chemistry: cv2kowh
    • Biology: mykrrme


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    To log into your account to get the assignment go to classroom information

    Ill be available to answer questions about 10-1 on my gmail mlhuff@spart7.org

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    you can log in by going to google.com and signing in


    I have an invite to all my students in google classroom to join the class, you can email me at either gmail account