• This is where you can expect to find uploaded information to utilize for our eLearning Days. 

    All students need to log into their Google Classroom Accounts using their lastnamefirstname123@spart7.org accounts (doejohn123@spart7.info) and complete the assignments I post there daily.

    Feel free to email kmbeck@spart7.org with any questions. I will be checking throughout the day and will be immediately available during the hours of 10 am - 1 pm. 


    Each of the following class codes should be used for new students only. 

    BLOCK 1 - own5lkk

    BLOCK 2 - e4uiqmf

    BLOCK 3 - ivjsqhd

    *** your first-time login password is spartanburg7 and will then prompt you to make a new password of your choosing***