• Goals of the McCracken Choral Program

    Vocal Technique

    Students in the MMS choral program will learn proper vocal technique that will keep them singing stronger for longer.  We focus on proper tone which will provide a beautiful sound, and all of the pedagogy that helps us produce that tone in a healthy manner.  Students can also be connected with private lesson opportunities.

    Music Literacy

    At MMS, music literacy is key to our program and our success.  We aim to build strong singers and lifelong performers who can share their talents and skills with their community.  Students are instructed in reading music from day one and build on their skills daily.  Within their first semester of choir, students will be able to read a simple song upon first sight.


    Students complete simple composition activities that build up to composing their own songs complete with lyrics.  Reading and singing music just isn't enough, we aim to build the whole musician!


    Diverse Music Experiences

    We vary our musical experiences among cultures and styles of music to build a well-rounded singer.  Choir members will sing music in multiple languages, from many cultures and time periods, and even many genres including classical, folk, jazz, and pop music.  Students also get the opportunity to sing off campus in various settings which have included: an all-county honor choir (Spartanburg Sings!), the state concert performance assessment, performing the national anthem at the Greenville Drive baseball game, and performing at Anderson University where students worked with collegiate faculty.

    Students also have opportunities to perform in small ensembles that focus on various types of music. We currently have Madrigal Singers and Dancers who perform madrigals for our Olde English Madrigal Feaste, a 6th Grade Pop Group, and the Southern Accents who sing and dance to popular music of today and the past.

    A Community of Singers

    A choir is a team! We are constantly working on new, fun activities to build a family atmosphere amongst students in all of our grade-level and small ensembles.