• Welcome to Art I at Whitlock Flexible Learning Center. Below you will find our tentative schedule (please note, this schedule is subject to change and assignments may be altered). 


    Unit 1: Lines 

    We are learning about Observational Drawing -- drawing from real life.

    Sample Projects

    • Contour Line Drawings of Plants
    • Glue and Chalk Drawings of Shoes
    • Self-portraits in Mixed Media


    Unit 2: Shape & Space

    We are learning about Geometric and Organic Shapes and how to create the illusion of 3D depth on a flat surface.

    Sample Projects

    • Abstract Overlapping Shapes
    • Notans (Japanese "dark/light" paper cuts)
    • 1 point perspective Landscapes/Room Drawings
    • 2 point perspective Houses
    • Cardboard Relief Sculptures
    • Variety & Repetition Grid Drawings


    Unit 3: Value & Color

    We are learning about the amazing impact Color has on our world and the science behind it. 

    Sample Projects

    • Value Scales & Color Swatch Mixing
    • Reimagined Color Wheels
    • Tonal Drawings using Charcoal
    • Grid Enlargements
    • Landscape Paintings


    Unit 4: Texture & Form

    We are learning about 3D objects and how to construct sculptures.

    Sample Projects

    • Mythical Creatures
    • Cultural Masks
    • Mosaic Mandalas