• Character Education and Career Connections:


    SC Performance Standards/Objectives: Title 29 - Education: Chapter 32

    Comprehensive Health Education Program….Section 59-32-5; Family Life Education: Students will develop an understanding of the physical, mental, emotional, social, ecomnomic, and psychological aspects of self, close personal relationships and an understanding of the physiological, psychological, and cultural foundations of human development; Teacher will provide instruction that will support the development of responsible personal values and behavior and aid in establishing  a strong family for themselves in the future. 


    Due to Covid-19 and the changes that the school districts have had to make, this course will be taught virtually until further notice. Students will log into their google accounts each day according to their assigned Hybrid day. There they will meet with the teacher for instruction, engagement, communication and lauching. Students can find their specific period Codes on my teacher page. In order to get in the teacher page, go to:


    Click on Schools

    Click on Whitlock Flexible Learning Center

    Click my name (Vonne McClain) 

    Read Teacher Page. 

    (If there are any problems, email me at VLMcClain@spart7.org).

    To Log into the google accounts, students will use the following:

    log into www.google.com. Students will not be able to use personal email accounts. 

    User name will be Last name, first name 123@spart7.info (Example:McClainVonne123@spart7.info)

    Password is whitlock20


    I'm excited to meet and greet with you. 

    Let's Be GREAT!!!