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    Ms. Hughes | Room 103

    English II: World Literature and Composition



    The purpose of this course is to develop your ability to read, write, speak, question, and think critically. I expect you to do the best job you can.  In return, I promise to do the best job I can to assist you in being successful! 


    Course Description 

    This course is designed to develop English/Language Arts skills.  It assists in developing reading and writing strategies to help students be more proficient in other content area classes as well as in the real world.  Students are required to take the South Carolina English II End of Course Exam for High School Graduation. 


    Literature Study: In selected texts, we will focus on comprehension, themes/meanings, authors’ purpose/style, and student interpretations. 


    Writing:  We will focus on a variety of types of writing: descriptive, narrative, argumentative/persuasion, and literary analysis.  We will incorporate Writer’s Workshop to produce well-written pieces. 


    Discussion/Literature Circles/Seminar:  The ability to discuss what has been read or written about is essential to your success not only in English class but also in the real world.  Discussion helps us solidify our ideas and learn new ones.  We will take part in different types of discussions on what we read and write.  The emphasis of this discussion will be making sense of text together by supporting our ideas and building on the ideas of others.


    South Carolina English Language Arts Standards 

    This course is designed to correlate with the South Carolina Department of Education’s current ELA Standards for English II.  These standards can be found at: https://ed.sc.gov/ela.


    TextsWe will use district-approved textbooks to provide a framework for our studies.  We will also read various novels, short stories, non-fiction/informational texts, drama, and poetry from other sources. 


    Independent Reading: All students will read the first 25 minutes of class every day.  Students will choose from teacher-selected novels.  Students will be required to document their reading using a variety of methods as well as through small group discussions and whole-class discussions.


     Grades: Grades will be determined as follows: 


    Classwork/Independent Reading  = 40%     Test/Projects/Writing Assignments = 40%

    Mid-Term (Q1) = 20% SC End of Course Exam(Q2) = 20%



    Spartanburg School District 7 Grade Scale:

    A=90-100         B=80-89         C=70-79           D=60-69   F=0-59 


    Class Procedures, Expectations, and Rules 


    • Each student is expected to enter our classroom quickly and quietly while picking up binder and independent reading material.  Class begins when you walk into the room.  There is no “downtime.”  
    • Each student is expected to sit in assigned area or seat daily unless otherwise instructed. 
    • Each student is to read quietly until signaled to stop. The time frame designated for reading is the first 25 minutes of the beginning of class every day.  There are no questions during this time unless it is an emergency.   
    • Each student is expected to document their reading using the provided form.  This form will count as a weekly test grade.  Each student is expected to participate 100% of the time.   
    • Each student is expected to complete all assignments in the time frame allowed for by the teacher. 
    • If absent, each student is expected to retrieve missing work from the designated folder and/or Google Classroom.  Students will be expected to complete work on their own time not during class time unless otherwise instructed. 
    • Each student is expected to raise hand to speak/respond as well as ask permission to move about the room for materials, pencil sharpener, and etc. 
    • Each student is expected to have their own class materials such as pencils/pens, notebook paper, homework folder, or notebook for every class. 
    • Each student is expected to label all papers in class binder and any work turned in with first and last name, date, and block #. 
    • Each class will have designated times for restroom breaks; therefore, students will not be allowed to leave the classroom for restroom use.
    • Each student is expected to stay in seat/class until the teacher dismisses the class. 
    • Each student will participate in and follow a Social Contract that governs how we will ALL act and treat one another in class. 




    • Warning 
    • Parent Contact/Guidance Conference 
    • Office Referral 



    Major disruptions will result in an immediate office referral – See Student-Parent Handbook 

    It is my ultimate goal for all of my students to be successful in achieving their individual goals, and I will do my best to help all my students in any way possible!  


    Your attitude, effort, and level of respect will determine your success in our class. 



     If a student has to be out of school for several days, please be sure to check Google Classroom.  Student assignments and helpful videos will be posted.  In the case of inclement weather, I will be checking my email throughout the time we may be out of school.  My email address is dbhughes@spart7.org.  If you do not have access to a computer, you may leave a message for me at (864)606-4430.