Certificate Renewal Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does everyone need to develop a Professional Growth and Development Plan(PGDP)?
    State regulation 43-55 mandates all educators in SC will develop a professional growth and development plan. State regulation43-205.1 mandates continuous informal evaluation must be taking place for each continuing contract teacher. Section IX of the SLO Template reflects a teacher’s professional practice.  The Teacher Professional Growth and Development Pan and Action Research section of the SLO Template was designed to satisfy the statutory requirement that all educators have a professional growth and development plan.  This is familiar to educators who have had GBE under the South Carolina ADEPT evaluation system for teachers who have been issued a continuing contract.

    Can I add on certification and/or change verification status through the district office?
    No. District Seven will process only direct renewal of SC professional educator’s certificates. For any other certification request, you must work directly with the SCDE-Office of Educator Effectiveness.

    Who is responsible for maintaining my renewal credits?
    You are! The educator must keep verification for all renewal work.

    Who determines which option will be used for the renewal credit work?
    You will work with your advisor to determine the most appropriate option for credit.

    If I am an evaluator this year, can I use this toward credit for recertification?

    Can I count evaluator service from last year?
    Yes, with proper verification and documentation if it falls within the validity period of your certificate.

    Can a graduate course count for renewal credit?
    Yes. Graduate course work is a strategy for achieving your goal and is option #1 on the computation sheet. You will need to have an official transcript from the college or university for verification.

    Can presentations and conferences count toward recertification?
    Yes. Use the renewal credit matrix to determine which option applies for the activity. 

    Must I submit a pre-approval form for each activity I participate in?
    No. Be sure to check the pre-approval chart found in the certificate renewal guidelines as well as the pre-approval forms found in the appendix 

    How far back can I go to retrieve activity verification for this renewal cycle?
    Activities that have been completed within the five year validity period of your current professional certificate will be accepted. 

    I have National Board Certification. Must I write an SLO also?
    Yes! NBC teachers are not exempt from the renewal guidelines.

    I plan on retiring at the end of this school year. Do I still need to develop a SLO?
    Yes, if you are planning on retirement at the end of the current school year, you will need to complete an SLO.
    If you wish to maintain your SC teaching certificate after you retire, you must work through the SCDE Division of Educator Effectiveness to renew your certificate. 

    I am a retiree. Do I still need to develop an SLO?

    • Yes, if you wish to renew your SC certificate using the certificate renewal matrix process.
    • No, if you do not wish to use the certificate renewal matrix process and you wish to maintain your SC teaching certificate after you retire, you must work through the SDE Division of Educator Effectiveness to renew your certificate.
    • Retired teachers should go through the SLO process also, although this is not part of the law, this would be a best practice and District Seven Business Rule.

    Should I still submit my transcripts to the SCDE for certificate renewal?
    No. Transcripts are no longer needed at the SCDE since all certificate renewal will be done through the Office of Human Resources.

    How many certificate renewal credits do I get for the following activities?
    ADEPT evaluator=30 credits for each team

    Supervision of student teacher=20 credits

    Mentoring/Induction teacher=30 credit for the year

    Instructional coaching=20 credits for the year

    Supervise practicum student=5-10 credits per activity

    Supervise teacher cadet=5 credits

    Internships=20 credits

    What forms do I send to get my certificate renewed?

    You must submit the following forms along with the correct verification documentation:

    • Recertification Computation Sheet (Form B)
    • Renewal Credit Pre-Approval Forms
    • Transcripts
      • College
      • Professional Development (PD Express)
    • Change of Action form 

    When do I submit the documents for certificate renewal?
    All forms and documentation must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources after February 1st and no later than June 30th during the certificate expiration year.

    Can I submit all my documentation before the year that my certificate expires?
    No. We prefer that you keep all documentation on file and follow the guidelines as they are written.

    I don’t know my certificate number or the year that my certificate expires. Where can I find this information?
    You can go to the SC Division of Educator Effective web site at www.ed.sc.gov. This site will give you your certificate identification number, type of certificate, certification level, total number years of experience, certification area(s), validity period, etc.,

    Certificate Renewal Guidelines and the Renewal Matrix are found on the District Seven website (Spartanburg7.org) under Certificate Renewal.