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    The Assessment and Accountablilty office supports and assists schools and district personnel by designing and implementing programs of research, evaluation, and accountability related to the on-going development of instructional and other student-related programs. Data and related interpretations are also provided with the intent to better inform data users in making data-driven decisions.

    Information provided by this office allows decision makers to identify effective practices and programs for expansion in order to enhance student achievement. 

    Assessing the academic progress of students is one aspect of monitoring how well and what they are learning.  Spartanburg District 7 complies with all state-required  testing programs and also offers a few local option assessments. 

    Early Childhood

    The youngest children – those in Child Development – are given the DIAL-4 screening instrument to measure their readiness for school.  Also, the state requires a readiness instrument [PALS] for all 4K students.

    Elementary School

    At the elementary school level, assessment continues in several arenas.  All 5K students are given the KRA (Kindergarten Readiness Assessment) as well as the Fountas and Pinnell literacy assessment.  Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing provides a nationally norm-referenced test beginning in grade one.  The state requires CogAT and Iowa testing (aptitude and ability based) for possible inclusion in gifted and talented participation.  Beyond those measures, the district provides InView (aptitude) testing in grades two and four as well as the CogAT again in grade 3.

    Students who are English Learners must take the WIDA ACCESS battery of tests (listening, reading, speaking, writing) each year as part of a federal requirement. 

    Finally, at the elementary level, state testing ends the year with the South Carolina College-and-Career-Ready Assessments (SC READY) in English language arts and mathematics in grades 3-5 as well the South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SC PASS) in science (grade 4) and social studies (grade 5).  Both assessments measure student achievement on state academic standards.

    Special alternate forms of these tests are available as well when the regular forms of the tests are not appropriate for certain students.

    Middle School

    The middle school years continue MAP testing, ACCESS, SC READY, and SCPASS.  In addition, students taking Algebra I take the Algebra I end of course test as part of state requirements.  Selected students in grade 8 also take the PSAT for possible identification as S.C. Junior Scholars.

    High School

    At the high school level, the end of course program expands to include English, Biology, and U.S. History as well as Algebra.  MAP is still given in the high school grades, plus PSAT for selected students, and then students in grade 11 may choose to take either the ACT or the SAT.  Those juniors are also required to take WIN, a career readiness assessment.  Spartanburg High School also has an extensive Advanced Placement program, and all of those exams are administered the first two weeks of May.

    The District monitors all required federal and state testing to ensure participation.  All the other assessments offered as a local option are monitored just as carefully – always with the best interest of students in mind.

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