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    2023-2024 School Choice Application (closes at midnight Friday, March 31, 2023) 

    District 7 has announced the School Choice process and timeline for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. While school attendance zones are based on each student’s home address, District 7 also offers families the option of applying to attend a different school within the district through our School Choice program.

    The application window for the 2023-2024 school year opened on March 20 and will close on March 31

    Enrollment projections for the coming year indicate a significant decrease in available space for new School Choice applicants in many schools.

    The following schools and grade levels are open to School Choice for 2023-2024 (the number of available spaces is indicated for each):

    • Cleveland Academy of Leadership
      • 1st grade (8 spaces)
      • 2nd grade (7 spaces)
      • 4th grade (4 spaces)
    • E.P. Todd School
      • 5K (5 spaces)
      • 1st grade (6 spaces)
      • 4th grade (10 spaces)
      • 5th grade (9 spaces)
    • Jesse Boyd Elementary
      • 5K (10 spaces)
      • 4th grade (5 spaces)
    • Mary H. Wright Elementary
      • 5K (9 spaces)
      • 1st grade (5 spaces)
      • 2nd grade (5 spaces)
      • 3rd grade (7 spaces)
      • 5th grade (10 spaces)
    • Carver Middle School
      • space available in various grades and courses, up to capacity per District 7 class size standards
    • Spartanburg High School
      • space available in various grades and courses, up to capacity per District 7 class size standards

    Due to space limitations, the following schools are closed to new School Choice applications for 2023-2024 (exceptions will be made for siblings of students already enrolled and children of District 7 employees):

    • Drayton Mills Elementary School
    • McCracken Middle School
    • Pine Street Elementary School

    Meeting Street Academy does not participate in School Choice.

    If you are not already participating in School Choice and wish to apply for one of our open schools/grade levels, you must submit a completed School Choice application online no later than midnight on Friday, March 31, 2023. The application opened at midnight on Monday, March 20, 2023.  Applications are processed in the order they are received, so families are encouraged to apply early.

    Students already participating in School Choice do NOT need to apply again. They will remain enrolled in their current school and progress to the next level school associated with their current school. If you are not already participating in School Choice and wish to enroll your child in a school other than the one he/she currently attends or is assigned to attend next year based on your residence, you must submit a completed  School Choice application online within the deadline of MARCH 31, 2023

    Application Process / School Choice Criteria 

    Parents must consider the following criteria and requirements when completing an application for School Choice: 

    • Parents who exercise School Choice must provide transportation for their children to and from school. Prompt drop off and pick up of students each day is a requirement to maintain school choice. 
    • Attendance, discipline and grades are all factors used in making school choice decisions. If attendance or discipline becomes a problem, school choice may be revoked. 
    • Class size standards as determined by the Board of Trustees will be used to determine the availability of space. Schools at full capacity as determined by official enrollment numbers are closed for choice. Schools which have limited spaces only in certain grades and/or programs will be noted.
    • Once choice is granted, students must remain at the choice school through the entire school year, after which time parents could apply for another choice school unless the school choice was revoked because of attendance or discipline. 
    • Parents may prioritize up to 3 school choice options on their application. Students not granted their first choice may be offered their second or third choice.
    • Before applying for a School Choice option at the middle school level, parents and students should be aware of the rules of the South Carolina High School League, which determines eligibility for interscholastic athletics and activities for middle and high school students. The principal and athletic director at each middle school should be consulted. Please note - any rising 8th grade student who accepts a choice option may lose one year of athletic eligibility. 
    • All applications will be reviewed using the above School Choice criteria.
    • All School Choice Applications will be considered, however, there is no guarantee that a choice request will be fulfilled in every case. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received.

    School Choice for Current or New District 7 Students 

    • If your student is already participating in School Choice, you do not need to complete a new application. Your child will continue to be enrolled at their current school (if entering middle school, your child will be enrolled in the middle school associated with the current elementary school he/she attends).
    • If your student is entering 5K-8th Grade and wants to attend a school out-of-attendance zone, complete a School Choice Application.

    School Choice for Out-of-District Students 

    • If space is available, residents who live outside of Spartanburg School District Seven's attendance zone may apply for school choice. If accepted, out-of-district fees of $1,800 per student will apply.   
    • Out of district fees are waived for children of fulltime District 7 employees.

    School Choice Timeline 2023-2024

    • March 10        School Choice information is sent to District 7 families
    • March 20        School Choice application opens on the district website 
    • March 31        School Choice application deadline
    • April 21           Parents/guardians are notified about application status

    While we cannot guarantee every request will be fulfilled, every application will be considered according to the selection criteria listed. 



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