• 8th Grade Science

    Ms. Gist

    Whitlock Flexible Learning Center


    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,


    I’d like to introduce myself as your student’s 8th grade science teacher this year. I’m looking forward to facilitating your young student’s learning as they explore the bounds of science and how it relates to the natural world around them.


    In order for a safe and respectful learning environment to be developed and maintained, students will be required to follow ALL school and classroom rules, procedures, and policies.


    The classroom guidelines are as follow:

    Students must be physically and mentally prepared to learn.

    Students must be respectful to themselves, others, and the classroom environment.

    Students are responsible for their learning by being on time and in their seats with appropriate supplies when class begins and doing one’s best work.






    Academic Procedures:     

    • Students receive on grade level instruction using teaching resources that support subject-specific SC Academic Standards.
    • Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. All work must be made up within 5 days, and students are responsible for rescheduling make-up quizzes/tests with the teacher.
    • Students will record assignments and due dates in their agendas.


    Grade Calculations                                       Grade Scale

    Tests               55%                                        A          90-100%

    Classwork       35%                                         B          80-89%

    Homework      10%                                         C         70-79%

                                                                         D         60-69%

                                                                         F          0-59%

    Remote Learning:

     All students, including those new to WFLC, have a Student Google Account.

     New students must follow these steps in order to access their accounts.

      • “Google Drive”
      • “Google Classroom”


    Use the following codes to access your science class:


    2nd Period: os57rwx

    3rd Period: 4tlhx2t

    4th Period: ugfgth3

    5th period: zbkmshg

    South Carolina 8th grade students engage in thinking and solving problems the way scientist and engineers do to help them better see how science is relevant to their lives. As such, the middle school science curriculum includes Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Life Science, and Engineering. Technology, and Applications of Science. Below is an exhaustive guide adapted from the state’s standards, however, the time spent on each topic is subject to change depending on various factors.


    • Matter and its interactions; Motion and stability; Forces and interactions; Energy; Waves and their application in technology for information transfer - students will gain awareness of:
      • the structure of matter
      • interactions occurring in terms of the forces between objects
      • related energy transfers
      • physical and chemical basis of a system
    • Earth’s Place in the universe, Earth’s systems, Earth and human activity – students will:
      • Investigate processes that operate on Earth
      • Address Earth’s place in the universe


    • From molecules to organisms: Structure and processes; Ecosystems: interactions, energy, and dynamics; Heredity: Inheritance and variation traits of traits; Biological evolution: Unity and diversity – students will:
      • Focus on patterns, processes, and relationships of living organisms


    • Engineering design; Links among engineering, technology, science, and society – students will
      • Learn how science is utilized through the engineering design process
      • Have the opportunity to appreciate the distinction and relationships between engineering, technology, and applications of science alongside the physical, life, and earth and space science.



    I will be available by e-mail to assist with any questions.  Please contact me at:  rgist@spart7.org or leave a message at 864-586-7704.



    “Persistent questioning and healthy inquisitiveness is are the first requisite for acquiring learning of any kind”

    mahatma Gandhi