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    Our goal is to help foster a love for reading by connecting students with books they will enjoy and by assisting teachers with the right materials they need to support the student curriculum.


    Summer Reading a Success!

    Spartanburg County Public Library partnered with us for the summer reading program:  Libraries Rock!  We had 106 students participate!  Each participant received awards for completion of the program.  All students received a free book of their choice, and various prizes for reading up to 20 books, such as a reading medal, a water bottle, a pair of sunglasses, earbuds, or a string backpack.  Way to go summer readers!

    Twenty-five students continued past the 20 book goal and reached 50 books read during the summer session of school  These 25 students will be rewarded with an ice-cream party very soon.  They will also be recognized at a future school assembly.



    Scholastic Book Fair!

    The Scholastic Book Fair will arrive September 4, 2018 and continue until noon on September 11th!  Look for upcoming sales flyers, author videos, and special events.  Hope to see you there!


    2018-2019 SC Book Award Nominees

    These are the 2018-2019 SC Book Award Nominees for Picture and Children's Books.  The 20 books for each section have been carefully selected by a committee of librarians, teachers, students, and parents.  We have most of these books available in the library. Voting will occur in February for our favorite.  The SC winner will be announced in March 2019.

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